My complete name (including academic title) is Cholis Safrudin, ST, M.Sc. I’m male, 34 years old (2008), lives in Bandung – West Java – Indonesia (my QTH Location is OI33TA), speaks Indonesian & Javaneese, also Sundaneese & English (but quite poor – so please forgive me for my english articles here!)

My hobby are : Electric Homebrewing, Radio Amateurism, Programming, Playing & Listening Music, Reading, and of course, Cuisine Adventure.

I grew up in Tulungagung – East Java – Indonesia, finished my undergraduated from STT Telkom Bandung in Electrical Engineering and post graduated from University of Plymouth – UK in Digital Signal Processing. Want to see them ? please follow this link …




My older websites are …

http://www.fortunecity.com/meltingpot/octopus/172/ [since 1999]


Currently, I’m an employee, married, have an amazing little family with a Wife and Two Sons.

I am a member of the Indonesian Amateur Radio League (ORARI) call sign YD1CHS, The European Phase Shift Keying Club (#9270) and Digital Communication Club (DMC*2587).

You can reach me via:
email : yd1chs@yahoo.com
YM : yd1chs@yahoo.com
Google Talk : cholis.safrudin@gmail.com