I stored some materials that can be downloaded here. The materials would be updated when it is necessary, so that, please keep up to date …

Homebrew HF Transceiver

  • BITX, Schematic – PCB – Layout: Some materials were originally from OM. Farhan’s VU2ESE website, PCB by My Friends (OM. Juhar YC3TKM dan OM. Putut YD3DKP) and etc. [BITX All Stuffs]

Homebrew AR Tools

  • LCM (Inductance & Capacitance Meter) based on PIC, was originally designed by Mr. Phil VK3BHR, PCBs were drawn by My Friend (OM. Juhar YC3TKM). The script can be downloaded from My Blog or OM Phil Rice’s Website. [Digital LC Meter – Indonesia By YD1CHS]